Miriam Cabessa | The sky runs, runs, runs | 2020

Miriam Cabessa is a painterb whose practice spans performance and installation art. Cabessa was born in Morocco, raised in Israel, and recently returned to Israel after a period of 20 years in New York. She now works and lives in Tel Aviv. Cabessa represented Israel at the Venice Biennale in 1997; since then, her “Slow Motion Feminine Action Painting”; has been internationally recognized and exhibited in museums and galleries across the world. Two of Miriam Cabessa’s paintings are currently exhibited at the Tel Aviv Museum’s new permanent display: “Materiel Imagination”. Other works are included in major collections: Jerusalem Israel Museum, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Haifa Museum of Modern Art, Knesset of Israel, the British Museum in London, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Texas State University, Frederick R Weisman Art foundation in Los Angeles, America University Museum in Washington DC and many more.

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ZUMU // Museum on the Move, Tel: +972524611026, Email: info@zumu.org.il


ZUMU // Museum on the Move, Tel:+972524611026, Email: info@zumu.org.il

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